Simple and Fun Tricks to Try While Camping or Hiking

Simple and Fun Tricks to Try While Camping or Hiking
Some outdoor hacks are meant to make big projects or challenges easier to manage, and this is probably why they get the most attention.  However, there are also quite a few that can make the little things easier to deal with as well.  As they say, “the Devil is in the details”, and knowing some of these tricks can make life more enjoyable in the great outdoors.
Chip Fire Starter 
If you're looking for a fast and easy way to start a fire, especially if you're not having a lot of luck with keeping your tinder lit, consider using Doritos.  Yes, this idea sounds like a joke, but it's been proven time and time again to really work.  All you need to do is light a chip, and it will burn like a candle, and it should burn just long enough to get your fire going. 
Try shaving up a bar of soap if you're worried about losing it while on-site.  Shavings allow you to store the soap in more than one place, and you only have to grab what you need in order to wash up at the time.  Take a vegetable peeler and shave the soap like you would a carrot or apple.  Put the shavings in a couple of different plastic bags or containers, and dip into them as needed.  Put the bag back when you're finished, and you never have to worry about dropping your bar of soap in the water or accidentally leaving it behind again.
A brilliant idea for bar soap is to use it to store valuable items.  This isn't a new trick, but it's one that hasn't gotten a lot of attention lately, and it can be remarkably-effective.  No one is going to think about breaking up a bar of soap to look for things like money or jewelry, and it doesn't take a lot of work to hollow out a space to keep items safe.
Instead of lugging marinades or sauces with you, think about throwing some fresh herbs and spices directly into the fire.  The flavor will permeate through the food as it cooks, and you will be amazed at how this simple trick can make your next campfire meal absolutely delicious.
If you want to grill some meat or fish, but you don't have a pan or grill, all you need to do is wrap the food in aluminum foil.  The foil will serve as a cooking surface as well as help to cause the food to cook faster, more-evenly, and you'll end up losing more juices as well.
If you want to try a sweet campfire snack, but you're tired of making smores, try grilling up some Starburst or other firm, soft candies.   You have no idea what you're missing until you bite into the crunch on the outside and savor the warm, gooey goodness on the inside. 
These are just  a few examples of how thinking outside of the box and getting creative can give you all kinds of interesting possibilities on-site.  Try these for yourself, and always keep an eye out for other easy and practical ideas as well.