How to Make Bacon and Eggs in a Bag

How to Make Bacon and Eggs in a Bag
You don't need to bring along a lot of cooking equipment to be able to enjoy a nice, hot breakfast on the trail.  In fact, you can easily whip up a batch of fried eggs and bacon with little more than a water bottle, a paper lunch bag and a fire.  Take a look at the steps below, and see how this method can get your day, and your belly, off to a great start.
Before You Go
Use 4 strips of thick-cut bacon and a few large eggs for this recipe, and you should try and do the prep work the night before the trip. This method works best with thick strips of bacon, because they contain enough fat to prevent the bag from burning, and the fat will also help the bacon to evenly-cook as well. 
Carefully break the eggs and put them into your empty water bottle.  If you want to make fried eggs, place the bottle on its side and slide the eggs in so that the yolks won't break.  For scrambled eggs, you can whip up the eggs in a bowl or crack them directly in the bottle before giving it a good shake to break the yolks.  Don't add milk or cheese as this can interfere with the cooking process later.  Put the lid on the water bottle and freeze it overnight. 
On the Trail
Freezing the eggs beforehand will help them to stay cool and fresh while you're hiking.  If you're going to be hiking on a hot day, consider wrapping the bottle in some insulation and packing it in the coolest and darkest part of your backpack as possible.  This will help the eggs to thaw slowly while keeping them fresh for a longer period of time.
Making Breakfast
The only real drawback to this recipe is that you need to use the radiant heat from the hot coals in your fire instead of the flames.  Flames will cause the bag to ignite long before the bacon and eggs have cooked.  Consequently, this is an excellent meal to make in the morning if the fire from the night before is still smoldering, but you can also make a fresh fire and wait for the logs and branches to be consumed as well.
In any case, the first step is to coat the inside and outside of the bottom and lower sides of the bag with grease.  This will protect it from burning up during cooking.  Pre-coating will also cause the bag to soak up the grease from the bacon as it cooks as well. 
Next, layer the strips of bacon along the bottom of the bag, carefully add in the eggs, and close the bag by rolling or folding the top a few times.  Next, poke a stick through the top of the bag, just below where you closed it up.  Make sure that the stick is thick enough to support the weight of the bag as you dangle it above the hot coals.
Cook the bacon and eggs for about 7-10 minutes, or until they're done, and make sure that you keep re-positioning the bag so that the food cooks evenly.  The bag will probably char and turn black in places as you are cooking, but it shouldn't burn up as long as you maintain a safe distance from the embers along the way.  When finished, open up the bag and enjoy your breakfast. 
One of the other benefits of this method is that you don't have to spend a lot of time, or use a lot of water, when cleaning up afterward.  Simply discard the bag in an appropriate location, rinse the water bottle, clean the silverware and you're good to go.
Try this out for yourself, and see how enjoying a hot, delicious breakfast in the field doesn't have to be a complicated process.