Camp Napping: Don't Pass up a Good Opportunity

Camp Napping:  Don't Pass up a Good Opportunity
Napping at your campsite is one of the best things that you can do for a lot of reasons.  However, not everyone takes advantage of this opportunity.  Maybe they're not nappers, or perhaps they are in “go-go mode” and don't want to waste precious time.  No matter the reason, a lot of people sell themselves short by not building in enough downtime on their trips.  Let's take a look at a few reasons to think about scheduling some nap time the next time you head out.
Calms us Down
The first reason for napping on a lazy afternoon is to give our minds and bodies a chance to calm down.  Think about how much energy you've spent on things like packing, driving, hiking and setting up camp.  Chances are that a lot of that energy and focus is adrenaline-based, and you can definitely use some downtime to break out of that pattern and shift gears.  Remember that a big part of being outdoors is to take it all in and enjoy yourself.  A nice nap can go a long way with helping you to get in that frame of mind.
It also allows us to just lay there while we take in the sounds, smells and freshness of nature.  Drifting off to sleep and then waking up in this new environment can have tremendous therapeutic value for our stressed-out bodies and minds. 
Allows the Body to Heal
While napping may not make our blisters go away any faster, the body does most of its repair work while we sleep.  Consequently, giving yourself plenty of time to rest and relax can turn out to be good medicine.  Whether you're fatigued, sore, grumpy or unmotivated, a good nap may be just what the doctor ordered to help the body to mend itself.  We all tend to feel better after having a couple of good nights of sleep while camping, and we can speed up that process by taking naps. 
Helps us Think
Finally, a good nap really helps us to keep things in perspective about the trip and what we hope to accomplish.  All trips come with challenges and obstacles that need to be overcome.  Naps can shift our focus to the here-and-now, and this is when we start to get the most out of our time in nature. 
Make it a point to build in some good nap time on your next trip, and don't feel bad if you suddenly feel an urge to nod off for a while.  Your body and mind will thank you, and chances are that your overall experience will be more rewarding and memorable as well.